An assessment is an essential milestone for any developmental engagement. Not only is it essential in determining the current reality of your organizations' human capital performance, it is the most cost-effective way to retain and identify your future leaders. At JCris Consulting Group, we believe in "Gap-Analysis" assessments. Being aware of the gap between what a leader thinks their performance is, and what their team perceives it to be, is crucial in becoming a superior leader.

We at JCris Consulting Group use a combination of our own proprietary assessments and Hay Group assessment tools. Hay Group has been the industry leader for the past 40 + years in 360 and 180-degree leadership assessments. JCris Consulting Group has been an innovator in the field with the development and use of their Performance Motive Profile assessments.

Performance Motive Profile (PMP)
Developed by world-renowned Harvard psychologist Dr. David McClelland and adapted by JCris Consulting Group, this face-to-face assessment tool determines the primary motivation of an individual.

Behavioral Event Interviewing (BEI)
Developed by Dr. David McClelland as well, the BEI interview assesses for the demonstration of leadership competencies.

Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI)
Developed by Dr. Daniel Goleman and Dr. Richard Boyatzis, it is better known as Emotional Intelligence. The ECI is a 360-degree, on-line assessment tool designed to measure the emotional intelligence of individuals. A high emotional intelligence has been proven to be one of the main differences between superior and average leaders.

Inventory of Leadership Styles (LSI)
The LSI is a 180-degree, on-line assessment tool which measures the breadth of styles a leader uses. Being able to assess a person and the situation, and then choosing the appropriate leadership style, is important in achieving the desired performance results.

Organizational Climate Survey (OCS)
The OCS is a 180-degree, on-line assessment tool which measures an individuals' or teams' perception of their work environment, and how it directly impacts job performance. Organizational Climate determines whether a leader is getting compliance or discretionary effort from their team.