Power Branding


JCris Consulting Group's cutting edge Power Branding approach to career transition and development is designed to distinguish the brand that is uniquely you. If you are:

  • embarking on a career transition – forced or voluntary - seeking a new path with passion and balance, looking to become an elite executive
  • ready to explore fun yet fulfilling and productive retirement options,
  • seeking to become an entrepreneur or grow your start-up, take it to the next level ...
    we can help you get noticed and stand above the competition.

We blend high performance coaching, distinctive personal brand development, with creative marketing tools and tactics to ensure career, business and life management success. Increasing your personal brand equity improves your marketability, leverages your earning power and job security.

For Business Leaders – Not Followers.

Your Guide To A High-Profile Career of Passion!


  • Change Management > Life Planning & Career Advancement
  • Personal Inventory > Continuous Development, Learning & Improvement
  • Leadership Development > Peak Performance


  • Personal Branding > Growing, Leveraging & Extending Your Brand
  • Talent in Transition Branding > Proactive Career Transition Tactics
  • Philanthropic Branding > Cause Related 'Giving Back' Initiatives
  • Corporate Branding > Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners


  • Marketing Plans & Start-Up Business Strategies
  • Persuasive Communications & PR
  • Tactical Business Development & Relationship Management
  • Innovative & Supportive Profile Tools > Bio's, CV, Brochure, eCard etc.
  • On-Line Presence > Social Networking Strategies & Personal Web Design

Power Coaching & Personal Branding = Vibrant Corporate Brand

A Brand Is A Reputation
Your employees each have a personal brand that is tied into your corporate brand. If you want someone to understand branding at an organizational level, then start at the individual level. When your organization provides integrated peak performance coaching and brand de velopment tactics and tools, your leaders and high-potentials can effectively deliver on your corporate brand promise. A leader's enhanced brand, reputation and ability to influence will optimize customer relationships, build your corporate brand and drive bottom-line results.

View Your Leaders & High Potentials As Brands & Corporate Athletes
Like all elite athletes, leaders need to be developed and encouraged; they need to understand their individual strengths and that of your organization; they need to leverage and manage the power of their authentic, personal brand. When leaders become brands, they stand for something special.

Personal Branding & Coaching As An Employee Development Tool 
C-Suite and HR leaders understand that a better way of attracting, retaining and increasing top talent engagement is to help employees apply what makes them exceptional to what they do and how
they do it.

Leaders can be a brand asset for the organization as they possess a duality, that is, they represent not only themselves – Personal Brand- but also others, the employees they lead / the company – the Corporate Brand. When the interaction of personal branding and corporate branding is a success, the leader becomes a stronger and vibrant symbol of the organization and its corporate brand.

Building A Superior Brand & Organization
In today's competitive business environment, organizations are looking for every advantage to realize superior financial results. Our one-of-a-kind model blends leadership and development coaching / branding which is always completed within the framework of the organization. It is a distinctive performance program that engages, inspires and motivates all stakeholders, resulting in personal, team and organizational success. It ensures enhanced corporate promotion and a competitive advantage.