Power Coaching

The Power Coaching model is a blended style of coaching. It combines the principles of coaching and consulting in order to facilitate positive action and peak performance. A unique distinguishing factor of Power Coaches is that they must have an expertise in the area in which they are coaching. This allows each coach to take a more assertive and proactive approach in the coaching relationship. A Power Coach always stays true to the fundamental principle of not giving answers, but because of their expertise, has the freedom to offer alternative ways of thinking in order to help guide the employee to reach their goal in the shortest amount of time.

Based on the cognitive foundation of motives drive thoughts, thoughts drive behavior and behavior drives results, Power Coaching helps clients develop new ways of thinking by exploring their motives and values and aligning them with their job requirements and their organizations' vision. Using optimistic questioning, effective stretch S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting and proper feedback (After Performance Reviews), Power Coaching brings employees out of their comfort zone and helps them reach their peak performance and realized potential.

Power Coaching takes a systematic approach. Dedicated to always moving an employee forward toward achieving results, it is always done in alignment and within the framework of the organization. The process starts with a full set of assessments to establish current reality. Then the desired reality is identified. The Power Coach then helps the employee create S.M.A.R.T. stretch goals that become the bridge from vision to action. Power Coaching believes in stating the end result, but committing to the process. Once you lose focus on the process and concentrate on the end result, you are doomed to fail.